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Are you ready for Ramadan?

How are you progressing in your Ramadan preparations?
If you haven't started yet, here are some quick productive Ramadan tips to get you started:
Improve Your Spiritual Productivity this Ramadan

  1. Prepare your Ramadan Dua List
  2. Prepare your Ramadan prayer clothes
  3. Schedule time for Quran recitation
  4. Decide on your 30-day spiritual challenge
  5. Prepare your zakat / sadaqah donation
  6. Learn the rules / fiqh of fasting
  7. Learn the duas of fasting
Improve Your Physical Productivity this Ramadan

  1. Prepare your meal plans during Ramadan
  2. Have a set sleep schedule during Ramadan
  3. Decide on exercises you'll keep up during Ramadan
Improve Your Social Productivity this Ramadan

  1. Work on spiritual productivity and social productivity plans with your family
  2. Get your children excited about Ramadan
  3. Complete Eid-shopping before Ramadan starts
  4. Decide on charities / volunteer groups you'll support
  5. Decide on number of invitations of "Iftar parties" you'll accept / give

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