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Who is the Ideal Woman?

All great men have been natured in the laps of women. As the famous saying goes, "Behind every successful man there is a woman."
The ideal woman is the nucleus of the family. She keeps bonds strong. A woman who wraps her husband & children in a blanket of love & affection
A woman who is obedient to her creator & when she worships Him,she places her children beside her & teaches them whilst they observe & listen
The ideal woman reads the stories of the Prophet (SAW) & sahabah to her family, Infusing her children with lofty aspirations.
The ideal women implants the hatred of the materialistic life in the eyes of her family.
The ideal women does not fall short in her duties to her husband or children or any other family member. But most of all her duties to Allah
Upon seeing her husband,the flames of love is ignited. She awaits for her husband in a manner that will please him,when he sees her.
The ideal woman is very sensitive to the feelings of her husband & family. She gives her night and day to serve them.
The ideal woman protects herself by staying in her home & away from glances of other men. She protects her honour.
All in all an ideal woman is a treasure for her husband, a fortune for her children, a jewel for her parents and a blessing for humanity.

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