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Pakistani man’s wish to die in holy sites comes true

She was waiting for his return from stoning the Jamarat Wednesday evening. She was greatly concerned. She felt that something has taken place. That afternoon Adhra Izra, 60, was joking with her husband about death before he left for the Jamarat Bridge, where he had a heart attack and died after completing the stoning of the Jamarat. He was taken to Mina Al-Jisr Hospital where the doctors confirmed his death.

When his wife was informed of his death she fainted. She was taken to the same hospital. After a few hours she was released from the hospital to her country’s Haj camp where she received condolences on her husband’s death.

The doctor of the Haj group told Okaz/Saudi Gazette not to press her to speak on the incident so that her condition does not deteriorate. He said she was suffering from heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes. 

Therefore, her brother narrated what happened. He said his brother-in-law had a wish to die in the holy sites. Allah accepted his supplication, so he died after stoning the three Jamarat on the first Tashreeq Day.
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