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Awais Qarani (RA)

  1. Once the most gracious Prophet (pbuh) told the Companions that amongst tabi’in (successors, those who have met or accompanied any Companion of the Prophet) was a worthy ...person called Awais who treated his mother very kindly and dutifully.
    “If he were to take an oath trusting Allah, He would honor it. He (Awais) has a white mark of leprosy. (If you chance to meet him) do ask him to beg forgiveness for you.”
    After Hazrat Omar Bin Khattab (r.a) became Caliph, he used to ask the delegations coming from Yemen: “Is there Awais Bin Amer amongst you?”
    According to historical accounts, Saiyyidina Omar Bin Khattab (r.a) at last found Awais Bin Amir (r.a) during Haj in 23 AH. When Awais Bin Amir came to him, he asked if he was Awais Bin Amir. He replied in the affirmative. The Caliph asked him whether his mother was living. He again nodded his head in the affirmative. Then Omar Bin Khattab said:
    “I heard Allah’s Prophet (pbuh) say, ‘There will come to you a person called Awais Bin Amir with the reinforcement from the people of Yemen. He belongs to tribe of Qaran, which is a branch of Murid. He suffered leprosy from which he was cured but a mark of the size of a dirham remains. He is very kind and dutiful to his mother. If he were to take an oath in the name of Allah, He would honor that. If it is possible for you, do ask him to seek forgiveness for you’.”
    After narrating this hadith, Hazrat Omar Bin Khattab (r.a) requested Awais Qarni (r.a) to seek forgiveness (from Allah) for him. Hence, he prayed for the Caliph of Muslims.
    Then Saiyyidina Hazrat Omar Bin Khattab asked him:
    “Where do you intend to go after performing Haj? Awais Bin Amir said: “I wanted to go to Kufa.” Omar Bin Khattab said: 
    “Let me write to Kufa’s governor about you (so that he may take good care of you).”
    The pious tabi’i replied,
    “I prefer to live amongst the little-known poor.” (The detail of this incident can be seen in Sahih Muslim, Al-Birr-was-Silah, Hadith: 2542)
    Esteemed reader! Just imagine the status and superiority of a person who is kind and dutiful to his mother. The Holy Prophet r advised his Companions to ask Saiyyidina Awais Bin Amir of Qaran, who was not a sahabi (companion) but a tabi’i (successor), to beg forgiveness for them from Allah. Indeed Saiyyidina Awais Bin Amir of Qaran enjoyed such a great privilege for treating and serving his mother so nicely.
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