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Please Wake Up Before It's Too Late

If You Aren't Praying , Please Pray.
If You Aren't Lowering Your Gaze , Please Do.
If You Are Mistreating Your Parents , Please Stop.
... If You Are Listening To Music , Please Replace It With Qur'an.
If You Are Swearing A Lot ,Talking Behind People's Back , Please Fix This And Stop.
If You Aren't Wearing Hijab , Please Do.
If Your Cloths Are Tight ,Rrevealing, Non-Islamic, Please Wear Winder And More Moddest Cloths.
If You Are Making " Gheebah " backbiting And Talk Behind Your Sisters Back , Please Stop.

What Are You Waiting For ?? Sudden Death ??

Where's NO WAY TO REPENT ?!!!

Fear ALLAH !

Wake UP ... REPENT !!
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