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Rozi Allah ke zimmey hai

Al Quran : And no moving (living) creature is there on earth but its provision is due from Allah. And He knows its dwelling place and its deposit . All is in a Clear Book
Al Quran, Surah Hud (11) , verse 6
Hadith: Narrated Mus'ab bin Sad Radiallahu anhu: Once Sad (bin Abi Waqqas) Radiallahu anhu thought that he was superior to those who were below him in rank. On that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, "You gain no victory or livelihood except through (the blessings and invocations of) the poor amongst you. 
Sahih Bukhari, Book 52, No. 145:
Hadith: Narrated Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu : I heard Allah's Apostle Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam saying, Who ever is pleased that he be granted more wealth and that his lease of life be pro longed, then he should keep good relations with his Kith and kin.
Sahih Bukhari, Vol 8, Book 73, No. 14

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